• Think ahead & Professional Oprations
    Each tour is unique. We fully consider your needs and your requests to design a tour just for you. With 15 years professional experience, it is our pleasure to give you some good recommendations to make your trip more enjoyable.
  • 飞思行(Fei Si Xing)
    飞思行(Fei Si Xing) Management Consulting Co. Ltd— Mainly focuses on Outbound travel. Organize Chinese companies, business schools have business trips all round the world. Mix the Seeing and Learning together well. Also organize School Camp for International Schools.
  • Itinerary
    We would like you to explore China in comfort. Seeing more places is not Facing China style, let you enjoy places is our chief goal. The itinerary will not busy, the places arranged will based on your energy and your interests. We will Not take you to any Tourist Trap as promise.
  • Study Tour & Business Visiting
    Facing China has corporate with MBA program of top universities in China. Focusing on International Exchange of MBA Program, students will learn some of the courses of MBA program, and understand the business environment in China.Also, Facing China organize school camp activities for International Schools.
    Beside study in classroom, Facing China arranges Business/Company Visiting as well. We offer you an opportunity to visit Well-Known Chinese enterprises, and get to know how the business runs in China.
  • Guide
    Tour guides are important during the trip. We selected the experienced guides who has the knowledge of China, patience with guests, skills of organization and coordination, sense of business receptions.
  • Food
    Varity of food. There is no fix and arranged meal in the itinerary (except breakfast in the hotel). We will recommend you some good restaurants for you can choose, Chinese food and Western food. Our guide will be there to help you order the food. Also we can help you to make reservation for some restaurant you may want to go.
  • Hotels
    Our partners of hotel in China are international management hotel groups, such as SPG, Shangri-La. Beautiful hotels and excellent location will give you a good rest after the tour.
  • Transportations
    We will arrange different type of vehicles based on your number of people and request for the trip. Inter-China transportations will be fights or hight speed trains will be good choice too.